Tuesday, April 22, 2008

TWD: Marshmallow Update, but No Carrot Cake

First, the marshmallow update:

I asked Dorie about that extra one tablespoon of sugar in the recipe. For those of you who wish to make them again, her reply should help.

Hi Judy,

I saw some of the TWD marshmallows and thought they looked wonderful.

I'm sorry about the mysterious 1 tablespoon sugar -- it was meant to be added to the egg whites once they started to thicken. The little bit of sugar shouldn't make a difference in the marshmallows, it's there to ever-so-slightly stabilize the egg whites and make it easier to beat them without overbeating.


All best -- Dorie

Secondly, there is no carrot cake to post this week. My work project schedule was too intense and I couldn't find anyone willing to eat it.

But I will return next week, with Caitlin's choice of Polenta-Ricotta cake.

Enjoy the carrot cakes from all the other TWD Bakers.


LyB said...

Thank you for solving the tbsp of sugar mystery! I thought that might be what it was for, but it was bugging me! :)

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for solving the mystery! I can relate to the busy schedule, as I had to take a pass this week on the carrot cake. Well, I also took a pass because I can't spend all day at the gym.
And I love your sourdough recipes! To answer your questions, haven't made the pizza yet, but I plan to get cracking on it soon!