Monday, April 28, 2008


This month, the challenge for the Daring Bakers was brought to us by Deborah of Taste and Tell and Elle of Feeding My Enthusiasms. The challenge was to make lollipops. But not just any kind. These were to be cheesecake lollipops! Now, I don't usually procrastinate on these challenges, but I wanted to use them for a special occasion taking place on Friday, May 2, so I wanted to wait until the latest moment I could. I almost made the deadline -- the cheesecake was made and the pops were scooped out, but they were not dipped and decorated as I was out of town this past weekend.

So, I did some decorating today, and wouldn't you know were having a hideous heat wave in southern California! Dipping takes concentration and it's hard to do when you're sweating to beat the band. So, alas, my lollipops look a bit deformed, but they taste good anyway. That was the challenge part for me, I guess. Dipping.

But, here they are, short and sweet. Be sure and check out the gorgeous pops from the other Daring Bakers. The recipe can be found on Deborah's blog.

And if you're in the neighborhood next weekend, stop by our Quilt Show!


Bumblebutton said...

Your pops are cute--and they'll be perfect for this weekend. Mine kept for a week in the freezer, and would have lasted longer if we didn't snack on them all the time!

Deborah said...

I don't think they look deformed at all!! Great job, especially working in a heat wave!

Unknown said...

They look great, and I love the colors and variety!

Texana said...

Your pops look great. Hope everyone at your special occasion enjoyed them and gave you many kudos.

Dolores said...

Oooh... I love the festive colors! Great job!