Monday, October 1, 2007

Silver Sage

That's the color of my new KA mixer that arrived today. It fits right in to the current kitchen decor. Now, I can hardly wait to use it!

I will still keep my vintage KA -- harvest gold (can you guess when I bought it?) -- and over 30 years old. It's still going strong, but, lately, with all the breadmaking, it's little motor is being taxed, and I would be devastated to lose it. So, Silver Sage has joined the gang. I do believe it's time to retrieve Henry from the fridge and make some rosemary raisin sourdough bread.

If I ever get the digital camera I've been promised (and paid for), I will start including photos.

So, I will report on Silver Sage in the next few days as I start baking through the list of all the breads I've been putting on hold. (Oh, and I neglected to say that Silver Sage is a Professional 600 model -- what can I say -- it was late last night!)


slush said...

Congrats on the new KA! IT has by far been my favorite of all the gifts we received when we got married. And by far the most used as well.

And I was just researching last night how to start a sourdough starter. I think Im going to try my hand at it. I need to go to target and retrieve some sort of transparent container to keep it in. Then we will be good to go.

Deborah said...

I just purchased my first KA a few months ago and don't know how I survived without it for so long!!

Judy said...

Thanks for your supportive comments. I should have said that the model is the Professional 600. I'm just so excited about using it!