Saturday, September 16, 2023

Lebanese Morning Bread -- Puffless in California



The Kitchen of the Month is Elizabeth from blog from OUR kitchen.   

This month the Babes made Lebanese Morning Bread (Khobz al-Sabah), a type of pita, using three kinds of flour/grains:  AP flour, whole wheat flour, and cornmeal.  I got a 50% puff on this batch (I’ve had 100% on different pita recipes).  


I also attempted to decorate them with sesame seeds, but they mostly all fell off.  (I saved as many as I could for future recipes, but I definitely won’t do that again.)  The end result was just okay.  The pita were on the dry side; the ones that puffed were the most successful.


You can find the recipe on Elizabeth’s blog should you choose to join in.  Take a look at the other Babes’ blogs as well to see how they interpreted the recipe.




hobby baker Kelly said...

They do look really fancy with the sesame seeds!

Katie Zeller said...

Love the sesame seeds - too bad they didn't all stay!

Elizabeth said...

I love the idea of the sesame seeds! They look beautiful, even though they did want to fall off. (Too bad!)

And. Who cares if they didn't all puff? They still taste good.

(Sorry about the dryness. I blame myself for not fixing Anissa Helou's recipe properly. My pitas were dry too. Both times.)