Monday, December 16, 2019

Holiday Kringle

December’s challenge was refreshingly uncomplicated.  Elle, of Feeding My Enthusiasms, the Kitchen of the Month, decided we needed less stress in our lives during this busy time of year.  Her choice, King Arthur Flour’s Butter Pecan Kringle, was simple to prepare, festive, and delicious.

I made the caramel sauce and roasted the pecans ahead of time.  

Next, I prepared the base (basically, a pie crust), then the topping (choux pastry), then assembled it all on a baking sheet.  

The final touch, after the kringle has baked and cooled, is a simple glaze across the top.  I used rum extract for my flavoring, because that is what I had.

This kringle is an excellent choice for holiday parties, and would be perfect for a special breakfast.  Experiment with different flavor combinations – you can’t go wrong!

Go to Elle’s blog for the recipe and a nice history of the kringle itself.  If you bake one by December 29th, you can qualify as a Buddy.  Just let Elle know.

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hobby baker Kelly said...

Beautiful! I love your perfect oval and wow, your choux puffed so tall! Love it.

Katie Zeller said...

All of those lovely pecans.... I love pecans. Your Kringle is a thing of beauty!

Cathy (Bread Experience) said...

Very nice! I like the way your caramel sauce looks. I used store bought and it wasn't thick enough. Still delicious though!

Elizabeth said...

Uncomplicated, eh? Not in my house. This is one of the most complex things I've ever made!

Your kringle looks perfect! I really like the filling in the center too.

Applause! Applause!

Elle said...

Just wonderful! Your choux puffed up really well and it looks delicious with the caramel sauce and all those pecans. Mmmm.