Wednesday, February 8, 2017

TWD: Rose-Hibiscus Shortbread Fans

Once again, I am back baking with the Tuesdays with Dorie group.  This go-round we are baking from Dorie's Cookies, a beautifully photographed book with delicious recipes.  I've already made several kinds of cookies with good results, and several blogging friends suggested I join in.

For the first February choice, I chose the Rose-Hibiscus Shortbread Fans.  I love shortbread and have made one of the other shortbread recipes in the book.  On hand, I had rose water and an herbal tea containing hibiscus flowers.

While I liked the cookies, I honestly couldn't taste any of the flavors.  I did ice them, although the icing was flavorless as well.  The cookies are pretty, but could use either stronger or different flavoring.  For a basic shortbread cookie, though, they pass the test.

If you're curious what the other bakers thought, go to the TWD website and check the links.

Dorie's Cookies, Rose-Hibiscus Shortbread Fans, pages 191-193.


Anonymous said...

Hi! We really liked these cookies and thought you could absolutely taste the tea in them. Maybe it's just different teas with different results.

Diane Zwang said...

Your shortbread looks really good in the pan. Mine did not look so good but it did turn out. We liked this one.

Anonymous said...

That sounds really good! I have a hibiscus cherry herbal tea that would be great with them. I'll send you some. Allison