Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Babes Head to New Orleans for Beignets

Well, this has been such a crazy summer:  doctors, hospitals, mortgage companies, moving companies, storage companies.  Whew!  And, it's not finished yet.  But, that's another story. 


In the next town over from mine, there's a little restaurant on Main Street.  My friends and I have dined there several times.  The restaurant is Rabalais', a Southern Cajun Bistro, and they specialize in New Orleans cuisine.  What do you think is also on the menu?  Why beignets, of course.  Smothered in powdered sugar.  We always finish our meal with a plate of beignets to share.

So, it was great fun this month to have Elle (Feeding My Enthusiasms) challenge the Babes to bake their very own beignets.  Using a recipe from Martha Stewart, we had the choice of making plain beignets and/or ones stuffed with something delicious.  Given the state of my month, I decided to forego stuffing, but it's certainly something to do in the future.

What I did do was divide the dough in half and cook each half on successive days, and what I discovered was the dough that spent the night in the fridge had better puffiness in the fryer. 

So, here's my hardware, filled with peanut oil:

(This is a vintage Corning Ware electric skillet, that I swiped from my mother.  It's historic because I used it when I was in high school to make doughnuts once when my mother was away for the day.  I was a sneaky kid.  I knew she would never give me permission for fear of burning down the house.  But I showed her.  When she returned, there was a plate of doughnuts, a spotless kitchen, and her angelic kid.)

And here are the beignets:

No need to fear deep frying.  Patience is the key.  

And chopsticks.  I always use my 'cooking' chopsticks for frying.  They are longer than usual and the perfect utensil in combination with a slotted spoon.

During these hot summer days, deep frying is a great alternative to firing up the oven.

So, head over to Elle's kitchen to find the recipe and see how creative the other Babes were.  Share your best beignets with her by August 29 to be included in the roundup.

Now I need to brush the 'evidence' off my shirt.


Elizabeth said...

Ha! I love that you already knew your mother's corningware could be used to deep-fry dough!

So sorry to see the words "doctors, hospitals, mortgage companies, moving companies, storage companies" and so glad that your beautiful beignets were a nice break from what must be an intense summer.

Good idea to use chopsticks to turn the beignets!

Katie Zeller said...

Sounds like you've had a busy summer - and not in the 'fun' way. Hope it's better soon. Your beignets, however, are spot on! Love the Corning Ware.

Karen said...

Love the fryer and love the story behind it. Hope all is well with you dear Judy.

Cathy (Bread Experience) said...

Judy, sounds like you've had a wild ride this summer, but you still found time to make the beignets. I agree that an overnight rest in the fridge makes them puffier in the fryer.

hobby baker Kelly said...

Yes, never leave evidence! Love your donut scheme story. I remember the awesome fish and chips from my mom's electric skillet. I picked one up to do some frying and was very disappointed in the new ones. I like the bitty little fryer I got for this challenge, so I'll use it again and find a new home for the (used-once) skillet. You ended up with beautiful squares!

Lien said...

Lovely beignets; nice and high. I can understand your mother for not really wanting you to use the deepfryer. I hope all the turmoil in your life will settled down soon.