Friday, October 16, 2015

World Bread Day: Cheddar Cheese Jalapeno Bread (sort of)

World Bread Day 2015

Trying a new recipe for the first time can occasionally be an exciting proposition.  You hope that it will succeed, and most of the time it does.  But, once in awhile, there is an epic fail.  That's what happened with this bread, a Cheddar Cheese Jalapeno loaf. 

Let's see.  How can I count the ways it failed.

Too much dough for the pan?

(Next time, I would divide the dough in two and put them in 8" x 4" pans.)

Too long of a rising time?

(Next time, I would only let the dough rise for 35-45 minutes.)

Oven temp?

(It's a vintage oven.  I set it at 400 degrees, but, was it really?  Time for an oven thermometer.)

(Top too brown, bottom too pale.)

On the positive side, it really turned out to be a delicious bread -- cheesy with pops of spicy pepper.  Next time?  Yes, I think so.  I'd like to see it actually look like a decent loaf of bread to accompany the tastiness.

Besides, it's educational to see that not all bread recipes work, meaning, don't give up, figure out how to improve it, and try again.

For the final insult, my camera decided not to work, even with freshly charged batteries.  Maybe it's time has come.  So, I used my smartphone.

Happy World Bread Day 2016!

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Unmodified recipe:  Cheddar Jalapeno Bread

 (The recipe is online, and, actually, mine doesn't look too differently from the official photo.  Maybe I'm too picky.)



MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Let me count the ways ... that is an epic tale Judy. Now that it's over we can laugh and enjoy at least it tastes good.
I love jalapeño cheddar bread! and haven't made it yet.

zorra said...

Only form failure we learn. ;-) But as long it's tasty all is fine. :-) Regarding the pale bottom, I remove the bread 15 minutes before it's done from the pan. Perhaps you want to try this next time?