Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bread Baking Day #56: Fashionable Bread

2013 bread making is off good start.  Jenni from The Gingered Whisk is the hostess for Bread Baking Day #56. She challenged us to bake a beautiful bread, worthy for any fashion show.  

For the bread itself, I chose an egg bread recipe from the Red Star Yeast website.  I thought I had one tucked away in one of my bazillion cookbooks, but, no, I couldn't track it down.  Never fear, though, the Red Star Yeast site has a huge selection of tasty-sounding breads.

For the shaping, I wanted to use a technique I discovered in my ramblings around the web.  Basically, you roll the dough into a thin oval, then make diagonal slashes about an inch apart over the whole oval.  Then, you roll the dough jelly-roll style and finally, coil the resulting tube like a snail.  The slits in the dough provide a beautiful texture on the surface of the bread.

This is one bread that is visually appealing and tastes pretty gosh darn good as well.

Thanks to Jenni for a fun theme, and to Zorra for creating such a wonderful bread event.

Jenni should have the roundup available after the first of February.  Then, stay tuned on Zorra's website for the February challenge.



Kayte said...

Oh my oh my oh my...this one is going on my TO DO SOON list. I love love love the beauty of your bread, and the photo with the light streaming in just makes it all the more gorgeous. Well done. What a way to start the year!

Korena said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this technique :)

Stefanie said...

Beautiful looking loaves!
I like that shaping technique, thank you for sharing!