Tuesday, November 1, 2011

TWD: Far Breton

This is truly the last piece standing.

Today was my turn to host my quilt group and I also signed up to make dessert. Would you believe that I agonized over a week about what to make? So many possibilities, so few quilt meetings.

While I was planning to make this Far Breton anyway, I kept putting off. Finally, yesterday, I said what the heck and decided to bake it this morning for my friends.

It went together very easily and was a breeze to bake. I left it in a bit longer than instructed so it would have a pretty, golden top. I learned that part when I was researching far bretons.

The dessert came out of the pan with no difficulties.

At the end of our meeting, there was only one piece remaining, a good testament to its deliciousness. I did choose to soak the fruit in Earl Grey tea, since I have no Armagnac (that stuff is expensive!). However, the zing from the liqueur would be fun, so I'm putting Armagnac on my official Christmas list this year.

This is definitely a 'sleeper' dessert, one I would make again.

Two other notes, I did cut up the prunes so they were the same size as the raisins. I think it made the dessert easier to eat. Next time I might play with fruit combinations as well.

And, I made the batter in my blender. Seeing no need to dirty yet another container, I let it remain in the blender over night, then gave it a gentle spin right before using.

The hostess for the Far is Nicole of Cookies on Friday. She has the recipe posted on her blog.

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Patricia @ ButterYum said...

Looks pretty yummy if you ask me. I love the idea of using Earl Grey. I've never had Armagnac, but I bet Amaretto would be a good substitution too.


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

That looks beautifully promising! Must give this a try.

Unknown said...

This really was a sleeper dessert - yours came out beautifully. I like the idea to cut up the prunes. And yes, I also stored my batter in the blender jar - why dirty another bowl?

TeaLady said...

Must have been a hit if you only had one little slice left. Looks perfect!!