Tuesday, August 30, 2011

TWD: Cornmeal and Fruit Loaf

This has been such a crazy week -- weather and people. I was glad to have the distraction of baking.

My younger daughter is off to college again, back in New York. We were chatting on the phone last week, when she paused and said the house was shaking and the cats were going crazy, and if she didn't know better, she'd think it was an earthquake.


It was.

I immediately checked the USGS earthquake site, and saw this ginormous red square smack in the middle of Virginia.

Yes, my dear, I guess California misses you.

And then, there was Irene.

She left for education and adventure, and she's getting both.

Too bad she won't get to taste this delicious, fruity cake. It has a crumbly texture and isn't overly sweet. Perfect with tea or coffee.

This was Caitlin's choice. I think she has a thing for cornmeal.

For the recipe, head over to Engineer Baker. Then stop by Tuesdays with Dorie to read what the other bakers thought.

As for the people issues, one is sad, so I'll let that pass.

But, the other is terrific -- a new baby in the family! Born early Monday morning and surprising everyone with his arrival. He will join two sisters and will be spoiled.

Life is good.


Chaya said...

A new baby is the best.
All in one week, earthquake, hurricane and new baby. Baby is the biggest miracle.

Your cake joins the above three as really good.

Nicole said...

I'm glad your daughter is ok. It has been a tough week on the east coast.
Your pictures look great! I really enjoyed this one.

Flourchild said...

Congrats on the new baby in the family! Im glad your daughter is doing good!
The loaf looks great!Im glad you enjoyed it!

Tia said...

wow- busy busy! and your loaf looks lovely. I put strawberries in mine!

Jeannette said...

education and adventure is right!! i hope your daughter made it through Irene ok! I'm glad you liked this loaf, it looks delicious!!