Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Espresso Ice Cream

Here's an antidote to the hot weather that has been plaguing southern California.

Cool, crunchy, espresso ice cream, courtesy of Ina Garten.

I had nearly all the ingredients on hand. The ice cream base uses half & half, so I did have to put that on my grocery list.

Also, I was sure that I had chocolate-covered espresso beans in the pantry, but it appeared they had all been devoured by someone looking for a chocolate fix. Had to add those to my Trader Joe's list, so now the pantry is replenished.

The major change I made to the recipe instructions was to combine the half & half, eggs, and sugar in one pan, then heat it slowly to 175-180 degrees, just a simple creme anglaise. I also substituted coffee-flavored tequila for the Kahlua, since it was already open.

Between the caffeine and the iciness, this ice cream was a perfect treat on a hot afternoon.

You can find the recipe in either of two places: Barefoot Contessa Family Style cookbook or on the Food Network website.

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