Friday, July 30, 2010

NFR: Exercise


We would all benefit from it, but why is it so difficult to do?

I need exercise to offset my lifestyle.

1. I bake and cook a lot. By rights, I should weigh 1000 pounds. But I don't.

2. I work from home and am on my computer about 90% of my waking day. A sedentary job.

3. Other than baking and cooking, my primary non-working interest is quilting. Another sedentary task.

I've heard recently that a sedentary lifestyle is not healthy.

The experts also say that if you stick with a physical activity for 3 weeks, then it becomes part of a routine that you can't live without. Oh, really? Tell that to my brain processing center.

Of all the physical activities I'm able to do, walking is my favorite. However, whether I walk for 3 weeks, or 3 months, or 1 year, if I stop for even a day or two, my brain and body forget about it and don't miss it even one iota. It's as if I have never walked at all, or had any interest in it.

So much for the experts.

I'm always looking for that one 'carrot' that will motivate me. Perhaps I have found it now. At least it's worth a try.

There's a quilting blog I follow, Tallgrass Prairie Studio, that inspires me. Jacquie issued a challenge this week -- become less sedentary, walk across the US, and earn fabric. Now, that just could be the right motivator. Most quilters I know are fabric junkies, myself included, although I
readily admit that my fabric addiction started long before I began quilting.

It's a pretty cool deal.

1. You can't let the group down, so it's important to put the miles in each day.

2. You sign in to a really neat website that monitors your progress across the US. Since I only began on Wednesday, I've barely made it to the outskirts of the first town (Yorktown, VA). This research group has been studying exercise behavior for many years. I'm sure I filled out one of their surveys some time in the past.

3. You earn a piece of fabric for every mile logged. That's motivation for sure! I certainly need to pick up the pace.

We're encouraged to post our weekly results on Fridays. In three days I've walked 5 miles. Not very impressive, but I'm still trying to find my groove and carve some extra time out of my day. I must say, though, that the three motivators make a difference.

Next Friday, I'm hoping to be nearer to the next town. Currently, I'm 7.58 miles away from Williamsburg, VA. That's my goal for next week -- get to Williamsburg and beyond.

Lastly, my dog is thrilled. She lives and breathes to walk. And sniff.

Fabric and quilts, here I come.

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