Friday, February 12, 2010

TWD: Gooey Brownies

This week I'm only a few days late with my TWD post. Almost caught up! These brownies were a big hit here, mainly because my daughter loves under baked and/or gooey goodies. As delicious as they are, though, they are challenging to remove from the pan.

You might as well just eat them straight from the pan with a spoon.

I only got two bowls dirty with this recipe, since I couldn't see the necessity of transferring the melted butter and chocolate to yet another bowl. It worked out fine. I did bake the brownies about 8 minutes longer than required as the center was just too, too under baked after 28 minutes.

Tanya of Chocolatechic was the perpetrator of this week's choice, Rick Katz's Brownies for Julia. No surprise, since she's a sweet, chocolate-loving lady. Now I have one more brownie recipe in my arsenal thanks to Tanya, and you can have it, too, when you visit Tanya's blog.


TeaLady said...

Love gooey brownies. Hard to cut, easy to eat.

Megan said...

Part of the downside to making 1/8th of the recipe is not having any leftovers.

Because I could really really really use one of those right now.

TeaLady said...

BTW the baby is just great. Spent 4 days holding/kissing/loving her. Thanks for asking.