Saturday, October 24, 2009

BB: Blue Cheese Soufflé

I decided to make Ina's Blue Cheese Soufflé for lunch today.

For several reasons:

I'm trying to get caught up with my baking.

I finally got to the grocery story yesterday to restock the kitchen after having been gone.

I love cheese

My daughter doesn't like blue cheese and I do. Since she was at work all day, I could make this and enjoy it and she wouldn't have to suffer.

I made only half a recipe since my
soufflé dish is 6 cups, and, rather than splitting an egg white, I used 3 whites to 2 yolks.

I had my camera ready as it came out of the oven and proceeded to collapse:

It was delicious.

Blue Cheese Soufflé was chosen by Summer of Sexy Apartment. Stop by the Barefoot Bloggers to see more.


Eva said...

Great pics! Impressive you got in there and got pics before it collapsed.

Pamela said...

I've only made 1 souffle and that was the chocolate one for TWD. But this blue cheese one is so delightfully enticing! Yummy.

NKP said...

Lovely souffle! I haven't made one before, just trying to get my courage up. Do I need a special pan?