Thursday, April 9, 2009

BB: Chinese Chicken Salad

The first recipe for April's Barefoot Bloggers is a most delicious chicken salad using one of my favorite foods, peanut butter. I especially love peanut butter in savory foods, so I was really looking forward to making this recipe. I was not disappointed.

Well, actually, I was slightly.

There just wasn't enough of it!

I threw it together at the last minute, so opted to serve it with rice. With a bit more thought, I could probably come up with a more appropriate accompaniment, but it tasted good just the same.

hanks to McKenzie of Kenzie's Kitchen for a great recipe choice. You may find the recipe on McKenzie's blog. Check out the other Barefoot Bloggers for their variations as well.


Megan said...

You know I'd be all over that - peanut butter based dressings always remind me of Thai food, which I love.

Anonymous said...

I love peanut sauce in foods, too! This was really yummy.

Penny said...

Much better than mayo based chicken salad don't you think.

Suzie said...

We really loved this too - it will become a regular around here I think.