Thursday, March 5, 2009

Loose Ends and Updates

Life has gotten a bit more busy and crazy since the first of the year, but it's a good thing. First, I have a loose end to tie up (she says as she hangs her head).

Waaaaay back in November,
Marthe bestowed an award upon me. As as my usual analytical case, I kept thinking about how to respond and who else to choose (or target as the case may be). Well, now it's March and I figured I'd just better skip the targets and acknowledge the award, or November would be upon me again, and then I would truly suffer deep embarrassment. So, thank you, Marthe, for your kind thoughts and award.

On to the updates:

Drug house

This has been an ongoing problem since summer. One month ago, the resident of the house was arrested again, along with several people on the police wanted list. Of course, she was released within hours. But, this time, she decided to pack her little self off to rehab for 90 days, so for the first time in months, we have a peaceful neighborhood again. At least for 60 more days, hopefully. After that, we'll wait and see.


Back in the fall of 2007, my youngest child set off for college, all the way across the country. It was an adjustment for both of us. But, this past fall, changes in college administration and a difficult roommate situation, precipitated sort of an emotional meltdown. There wasn't much time over winter break to figure it all out because my daughter had a three-week class in Hawaii. When she returned from Hawaii, she blew hot and cold about returning to school, but, in the end, decided to go back. It lasted 24 hours at best. Withdrawing is no easy task with all the paperwork, and then getting her home from the middle of nowhere.

I send a big thanks to my good friend in Reston, VA, for driving up to New York in early February to pick my daughter up, take her back home and provide some R&R before shipping her (and her belongings) back to me. Now my daughter has to find a job in these difficult times and also decide where she will continue school in the fall. Talk about drama.


In January, I started a new job. Actually, it's a second job, in addition to my income-producing job. It's only part-time, but even that takes time away from everything else. On the plus side, I now have health benefits, which I haven't had for 3 years, and I have a small, but steady income. (Anyone who freelances knows the vagaries of accounts payable...) I work in a fairly new public library in my county. I like the job and my co-workers and the building is gorgeous, so I feel very lucky.

The down-side of all these changes is that my baking/cooking/blogging time has been diminished somewhat. I'm still figuring out how to regroup and fit everything in.
So, even though I've been quiet, I'm still checking out all the blogs and goings-on and will continue to bake and cook the recipes that are dear to my heart and keep in touch with all of my friends.

Finally, a few weeks ago, I was peering down from my bedroom window, and noticed something strange in the front yard. So, I went down and out to investigate. Standing before me was a lovely yellow daffodil. I didn't plant it. I have never seen any daffodils in that spot before in all of the six years I've lived here. But there it is, and it's still there, smiling at me every time I look out of the window or walk past.

It must be a sign. ;)


Megan said...

Yes, it was definitely a sign. Things are looking up! You've been busy, no doubt - but it's all good. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is a sign!
And I thought my life was crazy!

Anonymous said...

The daffodil is definitely a sign. I'm so glad things are looking up for you.

breadchick said...

Judy, daffodils mean new beginnings and rebirth. So, I would take that as a definitely good sign.