Friday, February 27, 2009

BB: Meringues Chantilly -- Case of the Missing Base

Or, how simultaneously multitasking at 5 things affects your meringues.

I swear I read this recipe over at least a half-dozen times. Did the instruction to pipe a base ever register with the brain? Apparently not.

Then, I went searching for my star tip. I knew exactly where it was, but, again, something wasn’t quite right. I didn’t recall that it was so small. But, I piped merrily away anyway, making my hollow, but tall, towers.

When I put them in the oven, it dawned on me that maybe something was missing. A bottom, perhaps? Let’s check the recipe one more time and see. Why, yes, there is the instruction, clear as day. No excuses, especially since I just had my eyes checked.

And the star tip. When I put away the freshly washed tip, lo and behold, there was the LARGE star tip, sitting neatly as you please in the right spot. I know I would have seen it. Did it become invisible? Burrow into the dish to hide amongst the wine corks and sugar packets?

It’s a plot, I tell you.

Well, I’ve decided to proceed with the recipe anyway and fill the towers with orange-flavored whipped cream and a mixed berry sauce. The kitchen gremlins will not win this time.

Thanks to BMK of Reservations Not Required for choosing Ina’s Meringues Chantilly. If you want to see them made correctly, check out the Barefoot Bloggers blogroll.

I’m still adjusting to a new work schedule, so my apologies for blogging a day late.


BMK said...

I'm sorry you had kitchen gremlins that day! They have been in my kitchen before too! They still look really yummy. I'll admit I happened to have Ina's show with that recipe on DVR so I had the benefit of watching her while I made them.

Megan said...

The same gremlins must have absconded with my star tip as well - for I thought it was lost forever until it turned up when I put the smaller tips away!

Anonymous said...

bottom or no bottom it all ends up in the same place... in the bottom of your stomach!