Monday, December 31, 2007

Successful , and Tasty

At the same time the pathetic cupcakes were in process, I was also creating the filled bread to enter in BreadBakingDay #5, hosted this month by Chelsea of Rolling in Dough.

Bread is something I can handle (ha ha) apparently. I chose a cheese-filled sweet bread from King Arthur, since I had all the ingredients on hand, and used the Fiori de Sicilia as flavoring. (I'm enjoying a piece even as I write this.) This time everything behaved as expected, and the resulting bread was beautiful and delicious.

The only near mishap occurred when I was removing the bread from the oven and somehow missed the counter. The bare hand (of course) caught the very hot baking sheet, while the gloved hand managed to smash one of the loaves in the effort to save them, but at least the bread didn't land on the floor. Priorities!

The recipe for the Cheese-Filled Sweet Bread may be found on the King Arthur website.

Happy bread baking for 2008.


Ivy said...

Wow, that looks super. Sorry about your mishap. This is definitely on my to do list. Thanks for Bread Baking Day No. 5 giving us the opportunity to share our recipes and thank you for posting it.

zorra said...

Did you know most accident happen in household. ;-)

Fortunately you could save this wonderful bread!

Marta said...

Your bread looks wonderfull!! I'll try it soon



Tricia said...


Peabody said...

What a gorgeous bread. I love cheese-filled breads.