Friday, November 9, 2007

Dutch Crunch

The other night, my super fine partner, Chris, and I baked yet another bread from Reinhart's Bread Bakers Apprentice. This time it was the Vienna bread with Dutch Crunch topping. We made a dozen small rolls, some topepdo-shaped, some round, and I was lucky enough to take them all home with me, since Chris had ridden a motorcycle to class that night.

We also prepared the Pane Siciliano, which had to proof overnight. It was baked off yesterday, and is very delicious, so none remains to be photographed. I'll have to try both breads again since they are so delicious. At last count, we've made at least 16 of the breads from this book.

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Deborah said...

Wow! I've made 5, and I thought I was on a roll. I hope to make every recipe sometime!