Thursday, September 13, 2007


It's amazing to me that the human body can appear generally healthy and fit on the outside, while simultaneously being so very delicate on the inside. Over the last few years, I have suffered the losses of more than my fair share of family and friends. This past week I can dangerously close to losing another friend.

One of my culinary classmates had a heart attack during class. We've shared numerous classes over the last few semesters, and, because we're both on the older side of the 'student-body,' we have more in common. After our early morning wine class last Thursday, we both headed off to our next respective classes, so I didn't hear about his attack for several days.

The good news is, that after open-heart surgery the following day, he is recovering. Sad to say, he won't return to finish the semester, but he is optimistic that he can return for the spring semester. I hope so. I miss our camaraderie, and I still don't know how his kitchen remodel turned out!

I guess that no matter how we appear on the outside, we need to take really good care of the inside.

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