Tuesday, July 14, 2009

TWD: Brioche Apricot Tart

Oh, the sacrifices we make for delicious food!

This week we baked the Brioche Plum Tart, thanks to Denise of Chez Us!. We're not big fans of plums here (too bad), so I substituted apricots. I happened to find some nice-looking large ones at the local market.

Everything about this tart was really easy and it went together quickly. I did leave it in the oven a bit longer than stated since I wanted the inside to be cooked through. I covered the tart with foil for the last half of the baking process. It smelled heavenly while baking.

My biggest problem was removing the tart from the pan. It never did come out, having attached itself thoroughly to the sides and bottom.

And, thereby hangs my tale of woe. In my efforts to release the tart, I managed to slice my finger. You know about knife cuts? Well, try a tart pan cut. Ouch! (And add some garlic to the wound and you have even more fun!)

I did offer to eat the blood-stained piece. Nice of me, yes?

I'm sure the other TWD bakers didn't spill blood over this one.

Now I'm off to pick up some antibiotics for the spider bite I received last week, then return to the grindstone of Job #1. Today I found out that I have a new incoming project, one that I will hopefully be able to blog about in a few weeks. It is food-related and I am super excited about it.


Kayte said...

I laughed so hard at you offering to eat the blood stained piece..LOL LOL. I have to say, I might not have thought of apricots, but I will now. Those look delicious and very very pretty!

TeaLady said...

Yes, we have all been there. Pieces of fingers all over the kitchen. Pink paper towels.

Your tart, bloodless, looks lovely. I wonder how almonds would have gone with that.

Anonymous said...

Ouch. I hope your finger is healing nicely. I like the idea of apricots. YUM.

Megan said...

Holy moly, you had a devil of a time with the tart, didn't you? I love the addition of apricots - they are one of my favorite fruits.

Tracey said...

Your apricots are gorgeous! Sorry you had trouble getting it out of the pan and cut yourself. That stinks! Hope your finger is doing better.

Madam Chow said...

I did that at Thanksgiving once. I was slicing the pecan tart, the knife slipped, and blood started to pour down my hand. Needless to say, my husband covered for me, and I ate the bloody slice of pie. Disgusting story, but it shows you that I can relate!