Sunday, April 22, 2018

Wrong party

March was THAT kind of month.  Every time I turned around, I hit a wall.  Nothing worked.  Some of it carried over to April, but with yesterday's funeral behind me, I hope for better things.

This brings me to the April bread for the Bread Baking Babes.  I was excited to have a chunk of free time well before the April deadline, so, instead of waiting until the last minute, I decided to bake the bread early.  And, the bread?  A lemon-fennel wholewheat bread that had a yeast version and a starter version.  Time-wise, I decided to use the yeast version, since my starter is still in hibernation.

Little did I know that the recipe challenge changed without my knowing.

From the start, the recipe was off.  When the zest from three lemons failed to weigh even one gram, let alone three, I should have been warned. When the final rise required three hours in a small loaf pan, I should have been warned.

Actually, I was leery by then.

So, after 15 minutes into the rising time, I turned on the oven, and did have the foresight to place the bread pan onto a sheet pan.

Good thing.  After the oven hit the right temperature, the bread went inside.  It was already overproofed at 30 minutes.  This was the end result:

Somewhat disheartened, I thought about making the starter version, but then I tasted the bread.  Awful!!  I wouldn't recommend it.

Fast forward ten days.  I discovered that I had attended the wrong party -- a different challenge bread was in the queue.  Who knew?  (Clearly, not me.)

Some day, when I've recovered from this disaster, I will attempt to make the Lariano-style bread.

Meanwhile, for my bread-making sanity, I will find a tried-and-true recipe to counteract my questionable and declining skills.  I will also wait until the last minute to make the next challenge and hope that April/May will be a less frustrating time.

All the other Babes baked the correct bread.  Stop by their blogs to see the beautiful results.


hobby baker Kelly said...

I'm so sorry you had a loss this month on top of everything. I hope things will even out for you in the coming month! Don't give up on bread!

Elizabeth said...

Augh!!! I'm so sorry that the lemony bread that we almost chose was such a dismal failure! I probably made an error in the ingredients list. That's the sort of foolish thing I do.

No matter what the reason: I blame myself. Doubly - for choosing the bread that failed and then for unchoosing it without making sure everyone knew.

I'm especially sorry to hear that the bread failure was at such a sad time. Take care and do bake a tried and true bread to make yourself feel better.

Karen said...

Hi Judy. You have no reason to worry about the May bread. I'm the host and there's no chance at all that the recipe will change. I've made the bread, and it's delicious Go for it! xoxo